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We are Your First Step in Saudi Arabia

Setting up a business in KSA has never been easier. With the kingdoms strategic initiatives of 2030, we have seen an influx of foreign entities enter the KSA market. We are here to help you navigate your journey to KSA every step of the way. From initial entity setting up, to business processes and solutions; Marshal has it all

What do you need to know about Marshal ?

Marshal company is one of the Saudi’s companies that operate in the field of consulting and support services solutions in several areas . Led by competencies team that are passionate about creativity rely on exceptional Government background blended perfectly with broad commercial experience . Marshal ensures the achievement of the desired results with high quality and at the lowest cost . Marshal adopts basis approach applied to provide services by working directly with the client at all stages to ensure the desired achievement of the objective

We Support our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results

Administrative and legal support

With our years of connections and networking, the administrative support we offer is unparalleled.

The nexus of our business partners and relations with key stakeholders across the spectrum of private and public bodies enable us to seamlessly scale initial entry to KSA, setting up your commercial registration, and complete integration with your parent body.

For local entities, we help cover key services including Saudiaisation and temporary workforce solutions

Consulting Services

Adhoc projects, customized deliveries, projects with a strict timeline – are some of the situations where you generally face a restrictive timeline and budget.

Often in such cases, you will need extensive support locally to expedite the process.

Our experts can advise you on specific tasks relevant to your industry, and help you in localizing the solution.


To deliver the best business solutions and applying the best international standards through qualified human cadres


To provide world class consultant and support services to corporates and organizations delivered by competent individuals from exceptional government backgrounds blended perfectly with broad commercial experience.

Our Core Values






We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?

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